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It is thought that only 20 of van Eyck's works survive and over half of those make up the core of this exhibition on this master of the early Renaissance. Accompanying these treasures, are paintings by van Eyck's contemporaries from across Europe.

If you are passing through Ghent, this really is an unmissable show. James Tissot was a society painter par excellence. This exhibition takes a comprehensive look at his life's work, from portraits in Paris to his paintings of mystical and religious subjects. Take a walk through Vienna's idiosyncratic fashion scene from the s to the present day. Yuan Jai started her career as a museum artwork restorer. She now makes her own large-format works. Her colourful works combine Chinese painting traditions with a cast of intricately painted animals in impossible landscapes.

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The 7 Best U.S. Art Exhibits To See In 2020

Confirm Password. Have a gift membership code? You have successfully subscribed to our newsletter. Stay tuned! And check your email. You have reached the limit of free articles. Please fix the following input errors: dummy.The Art Newspaper. Around half of the approximately 20 works firmly attributed to Jan van Eyck around will be gathered in Ghent for one of the largest exhibitions ever on the Flemish Old Master. The Berlin restorers will have removed the old varnish and surface dirt, old retouchings and fillings, and will have applied up-to-date restorations of paint and a new layer of varnish.

A relatively recent cleaning has also established Portrait of a Man with a Blue Chaperon around as autograph. In addition, but involving no restoration, there will be a unique opportunity to see the two versions of the Madonna at the Fountain side by side from the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp, and from the Frick Collection, New York.

The exhibition will be complemented by myriad events as part of the Flemish Masters initiativea series of year-long programmes focusing on a different Dutch Master each year.

7 Unmissable Art Exhibitions To See In London In 2020

Centre Pompidou, Paris, 18 March June. The Bulgarian-born French artist Christo and his late wife Jeanne-Claude first had the idea of wrapping the Arc de Triomphe when they rented a small flat nearby from to Their dream will come true this autumn 19 September-4 October when the imposing monument will be shrouded in a silvery blue fabric, tied by 7, metres of red rope. But before that, the Centre Pompidou will play host to the first institutional show on the duo in France, which will focus on the years they spent in the French capital.

I always think when things become very difficult, what would Jeanne-Claude think now? Musei Capitolini, Rome, 3 April January The curator of the exhibition is Salvatore Settis, a noted classical scholar and former head of the Getty Research Institute, who mounted a ground-breaking exhibition on copies in classical sculpture for the opening of the Prada Foundation in He explains that the Torlonia show is of a collection that has incorporated earlier collections, right back to the 15th century.

To gain the interest of the viewer without any classical education, he believes that the elegance of the display by the architect David Chipperfield will help a great deal, along with the fact that he has given the exhibition five stories to tell. Among these will be an evocation of the Museo Torlonia, which was open to the gentry from to the end of the s, and a section about the pieces dug up by the Torlonia themselves on their huge estates.

National Gallery, London, 4 April July. The first UK exhibition on Artemisia Gentileschi will focus on her singular position as a successful female painter in 17th-century Europe and how she turned it to her advantage.

Trained in the Roman studio of her father Orazio Gentileschi, Artemisia established herself as an artist in Florence and returned to Rome in the s before settling for the last 25 years of her life in Naples. While the Olmecs, who inhabited southern Mexico from BC to BC, are celebrated in the Americas, European audiences are less familiar with the Pre-Columbian civilisation than with the Aztec and Mayan peoples who came after them. The museum aims to bring greater recognition to the Olmecs by presenting a display of more than artefacts that show their economic, social, political and artistic prowess as well as their development into the first major Mesoamerican civilisation.

The exhibition examines concepts such as symbolism, writing systems, ritualism and ideology that led to the creation of the Olmecs as a complex society, which, in turn, paved the way for the development of subsequent Mesoamerican civilisations. Known for their colossal heads carved from stone, Olmec artisans also worked in clay, wood and jade. Scholars think this 40cm-tall figure of a baby holding an ear of corn may have been an offering to, or a depiction of, the god of maize, as the crop was a staple of the Olmec diet.

It is the largest assemblage of works from the UK museum to be loaned internationally and is timed to coincide with the Summer Olympics in Tokyo. Turner and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. After a long absence, Gerhard Richter will return to US museums next year with his first major retrospective in two decades. The German painter, whose tireless experiments in form and format have made him a critical darling and auction house juggernaut, is due to present more than six decades of work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles in August.

It follows a version of the show that debuts in New York in the spring in what is due to be one of the final shows at the Met Breuer 4 March-5 July. Her performance, Rhythm 0in Naples led a visitor to hold a loaded gun to her head. One of the confirmed works is Imponderabilia. The exhibition will also feature new works that reflect on her changing body and the transition between life and death.

National Gallery, London, 3 October January Altogether the museum hopes to assemble around 30 Raphael paintings, with 20 or so outside loans. The show will also include important drawings such as Study for the Head of an Apostle in the Transfigurationwhich had come to England in the 16th century and passed into the Chatsworth collection.

The late 15th-century Tudor dynasty, compared to royalty on the other side of the English Channel, were johnny-come-latelies. As upstarts, they were keen to prove themselves the equals of the more deeply rooted European dynasties, such as the tenth-century Valois, the 11th-century Habsburgs and Estes, or the 12th-century Colonnas.

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At the same time, the legitimacy of Tudor claims to the throne of England was itself shaky and their failure to produce multiple children did not add to their security. But, in order to keep up with the Joneses and materially to insist on their status, each successive Tudor monarch with the possible exception of the short-reigned Mary I collected and displayed works of art on a scale comparable to any other royal house.Can yet another Warhol retrospective tell us anything new about the Pop Art icon?

Brian Allen.

best art exhibitions in europe 2020

Tess Thackara. Major shows by male artists dominated the London museum landscape before the crisis, now women and non-binary artists are missing their turn. Ben Luke. Emily Sharpe. Major visual arts programme still planned for multidisciplinary culture and science showcase in the United Arab Emirates. Gareth Harris. From a virtual tour of William N. Copley's Surrealist-inspired paintings to Joshua Citarella's exploration of young political online spaces. Margaret Carrigan.

The cost of producing crowd-pulling shows can outstrip the cash they bring in. Here are some of the downsides of being just too popular. Increasingly, the digital sphere is a new frontier for institutions to battle it out for the attention of culture-seekers. Aimee Dawson. Londoners stuck to the tried-and-tested and New Yorkers showed their patriotic sides, while Parisians were drawn in by golden treasures.

Jean-Michel Basquiat brought in big crowds in Paris—but who beat him to claim the top spot? The hype surrounding major anniversary celebrations saw big turnouts for Bruegel, Leonardo and Rembrandt. Donald Lee. Female artists dominated the top ranks of last year's photography shows. Big names such as Munch, Klimt and Van Gogh dominate the rankings, but a couple of lesser-known artists did surprisingly well.After a period of silence we are back again with our yearly selection of must-see exhibitions in The Netherlands Since we are pretty early this time, we also add a bit of still.

This list contains exhibitions, which we would love to visit once they are on. Once we have been to an exhibition, we commonly post some visuals on our Instagram page, so feel free to check that out as well. Throughout the year we will add more exhibitions to this list. So please come back to see what is new.

Exhibitions that are behind our back, we will delete now and then, to keep this list up to date. Also, if you have any recommendations, please share in the comments or send us an email. We love to hear from you. After having missed the Frida Kahlo exhibition in London inwe are super-excited to hear about the Frida Kahlo exhibition in the Drents Museum.

With among others painting and drawings from the Museum Dolores Olmedo and personal objects, like clothing and jewellery, from the Frida Kahlo Museum previously Casa Azul we believe this exhibition must be as exciting as the one we missed in London.

TIP: With an average two-hour train ride from Amsterdam, Assen is not that closeby for those coming from the western part of the country. We recommend combining your visit with a day in Groningen or Leeuwarden.

It will make a great art weekend away. TIP: Ticket sales start from February Tickets are expected to sell quickly for popular dates. We therefore recommend you to buy your ticket well in advance.

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The gallant, armoury-clad, doe-eyed gentlemen feature heavily in Victorian literature, which the Pre-Raphaelites took to eagerly as subject matter. The show will specifically focus on the grand, abstract themes of love, desire and death. The enormous paintings fuse gods, goddesses and stories of a classical, allegorical nature, all luminous flesh, sumptuous fabrics and Classical temptations. The show will be a fabulous cross section of the delirious eccentric, glamorous and creative era of British cultural life, merging high society and the avant-garde, artists, writers, socialites and partygoers.

The prolific Spanish artist experimented with paper in all its multifarious guises. Be that newspaper, napkins or decorative wallpaper — he played with it, cut shapes out of it, scribbled on it, layered it, made sculpture out of it — you name it.

Documentary footage allows you to see Picasso at work, first hand, in studies for Guernica arguably his most famous work, a 3.

David Hockney, arguably our most famous living artist, is being celebrated, once more, at years-old with an exhibition of his drawings. The show focuses on his depictions of himself, as well as a handful of sitters who were close to him, personally.

There are in total sourced from public as well as private collections. The exhibition includes polaroids from the s and a selection of self-portraits from the same period, painted every day over a period of two months during a particular period of introspection.

Therefore make it a priority to drop in. The Liverpudlian is best known for her zany, feminist photomontage projects; a room of cakes, breasts and a swirling staircase, for example. A series of new commissions light up this exhibition that is designed to engage all five senses. After all, Linder was a zine-maker, a musician, a body-builder and a performance artist; in essence, a master of the senses. Turner prize winner, millionaire and contrarian, Damien Hirst, now 54, has had success few artists will ever experience in their lifetime.

The Virgin Mother exists as a 10 metre tall presence in the landscape, set against the Lower Lake, skin stripped from her body in a cross-section that reveals a growing foetus. The work is designed to question historic and outdated ways of depicting disability and seeking charity. Hirst will be on exhibition in the slightly incongruous settings untilso plenty of time to visit. Beardsley shocked and delighted late-Victorian London with his prolific drawings — sinuous black and white creatures that were both erotic, elegant, grotesque and hilarious.

The exhibition spans seven years, his intense, short career, before his life was cut off at 25 with Tuberculosis. Visit and marvel at the works of this extraordinary talent with a distinctive style. The very best hotels and destinations to visit this year.

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The Tatler Travel Guide is here. By Tatler 10 Jan Royals The Duchess of Cambridge voted top royal fashion icon Kate is already triumphing in the style stakes this year. By Hope Coke 31 Jan Screening old classics in small, rustic rooms, an Art House Cinema charges little money for a great cinematic experience.

In alphabetic order, we present a list of the nicest and coziest Art House cinemas spotted by our locals in 59 European cities. All of them are local favorites and many of them off the tourist track, so going to one of these theaters is a great chance to have a local experience!

Cinecenter Amsterdam by Felix Hildenbrand. Cinecenter is a very nice Amsterdam venue specialized in art-house movies plus interesting series featuring a certain actor, director or theme. It has 4 showrooms that are rather cozy, with the smallest feeling like a living room. Forget those Hollywood Blockbuster movies and enjoy some cult classics. And every room only holds place for less than hundred people!

Very cozy!

best art exhibitions in europe 2020

Not the overly underground art house ones, not the unashamed blockbusters either; the good ones, be they Hollywood, animated films, European, even Greek cinema, which is flourishing in recent years. Cines Renoir, Barcelona by telefono-gratis. In the Raval neighborhood you can find many great bars, but also cinemas.

One of these cinemas is Cines Renoirone of the great things about it is that they show films in their original language, not only dubbed films like many other cinemas in Spain do.

It also has a great bar opposite to it, El Laurel, nice to visit after your movie visit. Illegal Cinema, Belgrade by tkh-generator. Illegal cinema is the place to see hard-to-find documentaries, activist, queer, anarchist, forbidden and underground films.

The entrance is free but the space is limited to only 30 seats. There are International movies being shown mostly in their original languages with subtitles.

Kino Rex has carefully selected its films, as their interior. All of the films are played in their original language with German and French subtitles. It used to be just a movie archive.

Today, it screens current movies, same as big cinema complexes, but its main focus is on Slovak movies and European cinematography in general. Better to buy your tickets upfront, on the busy nights they are sold out quickly.

best art exhibitions in europe 2020

Budapest has amazing movie theaters, but Urania is considered by many the most beautiful. In Florence, where I was born, old cinemas like this were shut down years ago, and Urania reminds me of the most beautiful my city had, the rather famous Cinema Gambrinus.

Weisshaus Kino shows films for people from all walks of life. Anything from art house to the newest James Bond. They show must-sees, but also smaller independent productions.London might be home to some of the most impressive art exhibits in But, the United States is brimming with cultural sights to see and undeniably artistic exhibits that are well worth travelling for.

The New York-based artist was invited by the museum to create pieces of art examining the campus architecture, galleries, and collection holdings. To do so, they used a room-sized camera obscura.

Top 20 art exhibitions to visit on a European city break in 2018

Regarded as one of the most prolific American artists of his time, Norman Rockwell personified contemporary American history. The exhibition aims to survey this unique design movement by showcasing furniture, lighting design, architectural models, paintings, and other object typical of this unique era.

Honestly, you can visit any one of the exhibits at the National Portrait Gallery and find yourself inspired and impressed. However, the exhibit In Mid-Sentence is particularly enchanting. Above all, the exhibit shines in its presentation of communication. Elizabeth has lived and worked in North America, South America, Europe, and Asia, all of which have contributed to her passion for travel writing. When she's not writing, you can find her exploring little hideouts in Colombia or watching photography tutorials on YouTube.

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